Cancellation / Refund Policy

We thank you and appreciate you for using the services rendered us. Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our User, concerning any service you make through us. The policy concerning the returns and refund requests, shall be following the clauses as set forth:


The website / application does not consider any return requests as we are not selling any tangible products for return requests to be validated, we are acting like an aggregator between end user and retailer. For any issue related to the quantity or quality, please contact directly the retailer for returning the item and colleting refund. You may raise a dispute or give a review about the reseller on our platform.


As a User, you do not have the right to cancel your Food or Grocery order upon confirmation through the Company’s Platform. Our team may validate the cancellation request and may provide a refund only if the case is a genuine one, we first try to resolve the issue you are facing by providing an ideal solution. Your case is first introduced to the technical team and then reported further to the experts’ panel. A refund is only made in extreme circumstances when no amicable solution is reached to the issues. 

In case of Taxi, Courier and Utility Service, the User may cancel the request within 5 minutes of the request without paying any cancellation charges. Unless the Users can place a cancellation requests by accepting the following charges-

  1. Transport/Courier/Utility services: Cancellation charge is applicable if the Driver reaches the pickup location and no response from User, a percentage of the ride or a fixed amount (Rs. 25 to 50) will be deducted from the Customer wallet.
  2. Food & Grocery Delivery: 
    If paid in Advance – The delivery agent waits for 10 min at the delivery location and if there is no response then the delivery agent shall leave the items at the Doorstep and we are not responsible for those items nor shall a refund be initiated.

    A refund will be provided to the Customer if the Food package is broken/ open, the same shall be levied from the Delivery boy.

    If Cash on Delivery – The delivery agent waits for 10 min at the delivery location and if there is no response on his calls from User, the items will be taken back and a full amount will be deducted from the Customer’s wallet. This is applicable even if the customer is not reachable or not responding to calls.

    If the Food Package is broken no need to pay or receive the Delivery.

The Company upon receiving a cancellation request from you shall solely reserve the forfeiture rights of any payment made.

The Company at its sole discretion may cancel any order/ requests: 

  1. if it suspects a User has undertaken a fraudulent transaction, or 
  2. if it suspects a User has undertaken a transaction which is not following the Terms of Use, or 
  3. in case of unavailability of a service, or due to natural calamities.
  4. for any reason outside the control of the Company including causes for delivery related logistical difficulties.
  5. if the Company does not want to do business with the User

The Company maintains a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and non-complying Users and reserve the right to deny access to such Users at any time or cancel any orders placed by them in future.


Refunds are done within 5-7 working days and the amount shall be credited only to the Customer wallet. You will be refunded in the currency you were charged in. If this is not your native currency, your bank may charge exchange fees, or a change in the exchange rate may have resulted in a difference in the amount refunded compared to the amount you originally paid (in your native currency). It is solely your responsibility if you have to pay any fees or bear any losses in this process.

All Refund requests shall be made by you by contacting to the technical team support available on the Platform, which will be the official mode of communication with our Platform and the Company. The Company shall waive all other means of communication made. All Refunds shall be made only on the basis and upon investigation by us on following such guidelines. 

It’s also important to mention you should request a refund as soon after the incident has happened. That’s why it’s essential to review receipts for every ride and ensure everything is in order.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on History Tab.
  2. Then select the Type of Service (3 lines on the bottom right corner) where you wish to get a refund.
  3. Select the Service and click on Dispute Tab.
  4. Click on the refund Option.

If you are eligible for a refund, the amount will be credited to your wallet in 1 week time.

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