How do I signup as a Service Provider?

  1. Download ‘Rider App Provider’ application from App Store(IOS) or Play store(Android)
  2. Complete the registration by providing valid mobile number and email address.
  3. Click on ‘Account’ and select ‘Manage Services’.
  4. Choose the type of service you are looking for,
    • Car, Auto or Bike Taxi – click on ‘I am ready to Drive’
    • Food & Grocery Delivery – click on ‘I am ready to Deliver’
    • Electrician, Plumber, Computer repair, Barber, House boat, water service, Road assistance, Mechanical workshop, etc – click on ‘I am ready to Serve’
    • Car Or Bike Courier Service – click on ‘I am ready to Post’
  5. Upload the documents like License, RC, PCC, Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank details, etc. The documents required for each service varies.
  6. Wait for the approval from Admin to start working as our Service provider.

You may choose more than one service. For example, A Food Delivery boy can work as a Grocery Delivery and Courier bike agent as well. A Taxi driver can also choose for Courier agent.

User App

Book your Rides, Courier, Delivery or Utility Services.

Provider App

Seamlessly offer services as a Driver, Delivery boy, Electrician, Plumber, Helper, etc

Shop Owner App

If you’re a Restaurant or Grocery owner this app is for you..