How to book a Daily Ride, Travel and Pay the Driver.

1. Click on Transport Icon and select the preferred ride from Car, Auto and Electric Bike.

Enter your destination address in the “Enter destination location” box, or Select location from the map.

2. Choose Daily / Rental / Outstation based on your requirement. Choose Rental if you wish to rent a vehicle with driver for a particular time period and Outstation for destination outside city limit.

3. Select between available vehicle options (for example, Hatchback, Sedan or Premium), you will see the fare details for opting the right choice.

These estimates do not include any promotions/surge price/toll charges etc. Please keep in mind that traffic, weather, or any factors that extend the distance or duration of your ride can contribute to a difference between your estimated and actual fare.

4. Click on “Get Pricing.” Where you will get the estimated fare and there is also option to book for someone else. You may either schedule the trip or click ‘Ride now’ to continue book for a ride.

5. Wait sometime for a driver to accept your request.

6. When your request has been accepted, you’ll see the driver’s location on your map and an estimated time of arrival at your pickup location.

7. There is option for call/chat to connect with your driver and the app will notify you when your driver arrives at your pickup location.

8. Meet the driver at the pickup location, verify the vehicle number and driver, provide the OTP to start the trip.

9. While on your trip, you have option to share the location and dial emergency number from the app.

10. When you reach the destination an invoice will be generated, payment can be made through Cash or Online methods or through customer wallet.

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